At PJ’s Coffee, we want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate you. We want you to feel our New Orleans hospitality when you visit one of our stores, and just seeing you smile over one of our cups of coffee, is one of the best things ever.


The Southern Wedding Cake and our values

Southern Wedding values are incredibly important: togetherness, caring for each other, spreading love, creating beautiful memories and so much more. These values are also reflected in our values and beliefs at PJ’s Coffee: southern hospitality, neighborliness, craftsmanship, rooted in New Orleans.

We are trying to create an in-store atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, where you can share a lovely time with friends and family or enjoy a peaceful moment for yourself. We want you to be able to taste the love in every sip you take and in every bite. We want you to feel how much we value you and how much you mean to us. Without all of you guys, PJ’s Coffee wouldn’t be here. We want you to experience a little bit of our New Orleans culture, and at the same time, we also want to embrace the delicious taste and beautiful culture that Vietnam offers.

Now, you might think it all becomes a little bit too sweet and loving, we just want you to understand how much we appreciate you.  PJ’s Coffee is having a Southern Wedding and you are all invited because that is how important you are to us!


Our efforts to help the planet

As much as we appreciate you as people, we also feel this way about other things. At PJ’s Coffee, we care very much about our planet and the environment, and we try to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We took the initiative to get rid of all plastic straws to reduce our use of plastic, in fact, we were the first Coffee chain in Vietnam to do that and it’s great to see others have followed our lead. Switching to paper straws is actually not enough which is why we use reusable straws and discourage the use of paper (single use) straws.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we’re working hard to eliminate single-use plastic: we’ve stopped all drinks in plastic bottles and switched to glass or cans. We seek to use reusables and urge and seek supplies who do too. We give you the opportunity to purchase reusable cups and we partnered with KeepCup which are reusables made from recycled plastic. We want to reduce waste by and recycle what is possible. There is still room for improvement and we believe in doing our part, and we need your help as well, so join our fight to help save the environment and show us your love for the planet.


Thank you for being part of the PJ’s Coffee family.