Bright, stylish, reusable, eco-friendly and is a perfect fit with barista standard. KeepCup is on its track in changing the drinking habits of the normal consumers.

Its journey, from concept to reality, has not always been smooth sailing, but with a great passion for a truly local and sustainably made products, KeepCup is now one of the most talked about “cup” in Australia.

The KeepCup story

KeepCup was the result of the real-life experience of a Melbournian brother-sister duo who have a great passion for sustainable living.

Abigail Forsyth, Managing Director and Co-Founder of KeepCup, has long been searching for an ultimate alternative to the normal disposable coffee cups that the Australians use on a daily basis. Owning a cafe business in Melbourne in 1998, Forsyth and her brother witnessed firsthand the huge volume of plastic waste her business and the customers consumed in a day.

What Forsyth and her brother also witnessed was that ceramic mugs were too heavy, breakable thus not a great “on-the-go” companion. On the other hand, other alternatives such as travel mugs, tumblers, thermo cups were too bulky and did not fit under the espresso machine nozzles. Therefore, the baristas had to pour the coffee into an espresso shot glass and then pour that into the travel mug. This technique destroyed the crema, the reddish-brown froth sits on top of the espresso, which gives the coffee a fuller flavor and longer aftertaste.

These are serious issues that any avid coffee drinker have to deal with on a daily basis. Forsyth believes there is always a solution to every problem and it is her mission to find the answer.

KeepCup is better for you and better for the environment

KeepCup not only solves all the issues with the regular disposable cups, the brand also made a commitment to only manufacture the products locally with a great emphasis on the outstanding design that attracts the consumers. All KeepCups are guaranteed designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Some fun facts about KeepCup:

  • Over one year the KeepCup, when compared to disposable cups, reduces landfill by at least 99%.
  • Over one year the KeepCup, compared to disposable cups, reduces water use by up to 90%.
  • Over a year, use of a KeepCup reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% compared to disposable cups.
  • There is enough plastic in 20 disposable cups and lids to make a small KeepCup.

Source: The Eco-Craze, a case study Lockrey 2012, Design Principles and Practices Journal

PJ’s Coffee is proud to be the first distributor of KeepCup in Vietnam. 16oz cups in original and clear plastic styles will be available for sales at any PJ’s Coffee store starting December, 2018. Customize the cup with the colors of your choice and start sipping your favorite joe right out of the cup or bring it everywhere with you. Together, let’s make our planet worth living again!