One Small Step for The Coffee Bean, One Big Leap for Flavour – At PJ’s Coffee, every cup of coffee is made with love, but that is not enough, we want to make sure that every bean has felt that love from the very beginning, to ensure the best flavour imaginable.

PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan. At that time, PJ’s Coffee demonstrated better beans, superior roasting techniques, and pure passion for the art of coffee-making, and it still does.

PJ’s Coffee strives to deliver unique coffee experiences to everyone, no matter the location. Giving you the perfect coffee experience is our goal. We use something called the coffee bean belt that has the best growing climates where the best coffee beans come from. Our roasting process transforms finely selected beans, drying and readying them to release oils, essences and flavours that will make a unique cup of coffee – just for you. The beans are roasted in a small batch process that uses a hot air method. Using this method gives the Roastmaster flexibility, based upon the individual qualities of the beans, making sure very batch is roasted to perfection. This produces the most flavourful and freshest coffee possible.

By having the best beans possible, we’re able to create the best drinks for you. PJ’s coffee offers cold beverages such as cold brew and ice coffee. Cold brew is brewed by soaking coffee beans cold or at room-temperature in water for 12 hours minimum to extract sugars, oils and caffeine. Iced coffee uses hot water to extract flavour (resulting in a hot cup of coffee) which is then poured over ice. Then we have our delicious hot coffees like the Americano or our hot brew. Traditionally brewed coffee is made by letting hot water drip down through the grounds whereas an Americano first begins as an espresso shot where hot water is added to the espresso, transforming the shot into a less intense, but just as delicious cup of coffee. PJ’s Coffee also offers your usual delicious café coffees like Latte, Cappuccino and Mocha but we also want to embrace the beautiful flavours of Vietnam, so on our menu you will find delicious coffees like Ca Phe Sua Da and The PHIN. And should you be more on the adventurous side, we also love to experiment with different flavour combinations at PJ’s Coffee, offering exciting drinks at taste experiences at our coffeehouses. So, bring someone you care about and have a beautiful coffee moment at PJ’s Coffee.