I’ve just started to get to know PJ’s Coffee recently, and I feel pretty fond of this brand’s coffee. And they seem to be innovating on the menu with more choice for those who do not drink caffeine. Amazingly, I first tried the purple tea with lavender aroma and surprising the taste that I also love this drink, in addition to coffee. It’s Winter’s Kiss on the menu.

PJ's Winter Kiss

PJ’s Winter Kiss

What exactly is this drink, you may be wondering? It is a unique recipe with the main ingredient is dry lavender flowers put together with a certain amount of water to create a healthy and fragrant drink, and it’s 10x prettier than the other tea I knew. What is particularly interesting to me with this tea is the way it is made. According to what employees share, the extraction of tea by this cold brewing method will keep the clarity of the tea, the taste and importance of the lavender nutrients is anti-aging.

PJ's I-dop tea tower

PJ’s I-dop tea tower


After extract the tea, they will give some lemon juice, creating a chemical reaction that turns blue into light purple. A sweet and slightly sour drink with beautiful colors.

This drink is absolutely stunning and deserves to be captured. I m planning to go to PJ’s Coffee for this tea again, and maybe even find other interesting drinks.

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