PJ’s Coffee welcomed members of ILV group (International Ladies in Vietnam) in its first coffee tasting event. This event is an opportunity for coffee lovers to gain a rounded experience with the featured coffee and learn the nuances of taste from each blend.

Ten ladies gathered around PJ’s Coffee baristas to learn about different types of coffee beans, coffee machines, and also taste a range of Robusta and Arabica coffee from around the world. Tram – a PJ’s Coffee barista presented to the ladies 4 different types of coffee bean while her colleague – Chiang Van Thanh explained the difference between the cold brew and hot brew process. Feedback and opinion-sharing from ladies were encouraged.


ILV Ladies took a group picture with PJ’s baristas

As a part of the event, ILV ladies also spent time visiting Saigon Coffee Academy (SCA) – a partner of PJ’s Coffee where they were introduced to even more types of coffee equipment. After observing PJ’s barista’s using the various machines, some of the ILV ladies took the opportunity to try their own skills to grind coffee and steam milk.

Talking about the tasting event of PJ’s Coffee, most of the ladies said the various tastings gave them a better understanding of the subtle differences of coffee. This was also a great chance for ladies to have a lot of laughs when sharing self-made coffee samples.


ILV Ladies had a good time at Saigon Coffee Academy

Below are some pictures of the event:


ILV ladies tasted different coffee from around the world


PJ’s Coffee Barista introduced different coffee bean and coffee machines


Coffee bean & machine used in the tasting event