Like the intimate wedding, we know from New Orleans traditions where friends and family are gathered to celebrate love, we want you to feel a caring and intimate setting at PJ’s Coffee. With our coffee, we want to bring people together in a warm and welcoming environment. Our coffee brings joy, and brings together the soul of old traditional coffee flavours with new and exciting flavour combinations. A wedding is a time where people gather around, and bond, over food and drinks, and at PJ’s Coffee, we want to do the same, as our coffee stands for more than just a cup of coffee, it’s a way of bringing people together. With a cup of coffee, we want to bring the soul and traditions alive yet still try to include new flavour experiences for our customers. We provide tradition and flavour, and this time, we will give you the flavour of the traditional Southern New Orleans Wedding in a cup, combining the beautiful classic coffee flavours with the beautiful round almond flavour we know from the southern wedding cake. This is where PJ’s coffee has its roots – where our history began.

Call it whatever you like – a cup of coffee, dessert in a cup, a moment of happiness – we just want you to get an experience in a cup, a wedding cake in a cup. Imagine, it’s been a long tiresome day, your boss or your teachers have been nagging you and you know that as soon as you get home you have to do chores, cook dinner, you might have even more work to prepare for the next day. This is where we want to help. We want to give you an hour or two a day where you can relax in a warm and welcoming environment where you can listen to smooth jazz and enjoy a cup of coffee that will feel like a hug from the inside maybe  also with a delicious piece of cake on the side, providing a few moments to forget about your worries.

The southern wedding is all about sharing, caring, loving and having a good time together. Bring a loved one, a friend or family, share this special moment with them. Invite them into this relaxing environment and bond over a cup of coffee, let them know how much you appreciate them.

At PJ’s Coffee, we make sure that you and your loved ones will experience a true southern wedding completed with beautiful flower decorations, smooth jazz, you can have fun taking pictures with each other, but most importantly, have a cup of coffee that combines the beautiful flavours of PJ’s Coffee with flavours from the southern wedding cake. You are all invited to our wedding celebrations and we can’t wait to share this special moment with you at PJ’s Coffee!