3pm December 14, the first PJ’s Coffee Latte Art competition amongst PJ’s Coffee Baristas was held at PJ’s Coffee new store in Sala, Thu Thiem. Six Baristas moved on to the “store” level competition to show off their latte art skills, but only one Barista could be recognised as the best performer.



Judges including coffee experts and representatives of PJ’s Coffee from USA and Vietnam

Coffee experts, a world Barista judge and representatives of PJ’s Coffee from the US and Vietnam were invited to be part of the jury. The judges evaluated candidates on their Barista craft – their ability to perfectly prepare and present Latte art under extreme time pressure.

The PJ’s Coffee Latte Art Barista smack down competition is not only a fun event, it is a great way for PJ’s Coffee Barista to perfect their technique, to learn from each other and to wow judges with their Latte art skills, but more importantly, to just have a lot of laughs and fun. Creating the perfect Latte art in front of experts is not an easy-at-all task for some candidates. Tram – one of the youngest candidates said that she felt really nervous when the judges waited in anticipation. But she overcame herself all in pursuit of latte perfection.






The winner of the first Latte Art Competition: Chiang Van Thanh

Guest Barista Rick Yvanovich, Founder & CEO of TRG International made a guest performance but was clearly beaten by PJ’s Coffee Baristas. “I’ll need to train hard for the next smack down to see if I can get past the first round”, said Rick.

After hours of competition, the final winner is Chiang Van Thanh who demonstrated his superior Latte art skills. “I feel so happy now. I’m ready to show the customers what I’m capable of, what a PJ’s Coffee Barista is capable of.”, Trung said.

Congratulations Thanh on your victory! Keep moving forward and make us proud!