Coffee often makes you feel hungry and tired after 2 hours. However, just add this you will not only no longer tired but also active, creative and calorie consumption

Vietnamese often have the habit of making a cup of coffee early in the morning or after breakfast. But do you know that morning coffee can be a calorie-burning bomb that helps you lose weight right away? Of course, this only happens when you add butter to the coffee. This is a popular weight loss trend in the US. This combination not only helps you lose weight but also increases your productivity and creativity all day long

coffee with butter

Cup of fatty coffee with butter (Source: Internet)

Experts think that when it comes to coffee, it is important to your feeling in 2 hours after the first drink. Coffee often makes you feel hungry and tired after 2 o’clock, but coffee with butter prevents this feeling and only one cup gives you an extra energy boost, helps you avoid the afternoon crash and keeps you mentally focused

According to the experience of those who used this method, coffee with butter (or Bulletproof Coffee) will eliminate fatigue, chronic illness symptoms, dissolve fat and help to lose weight.

Butter coffee promotes metabolism and provides plenty of energy for you to work. But beware, you should only use organic butter, no preservative and cow’s milk, as only this type of butter gives the best results.

The formulation of this drink is not too new, it is the favorite breakfast of the Tibetan people. The simplest way to do this: You simply mix one tablespoon of instant coffee in boiling water, then mix in an organic pint of organic butter.


Here is how you can lose weight with butter coffee:

  1. Choosing butter made from cow’s milk: Cows are born to eat grass rather than cereal. So, cow’s milk will provide you with cheese that gives you enough energy and limits your appetite. Drink a cup of coffee in the morning and in the afternoon you are not hungry either.Promote yourself that you will burn fat to avoid burns or carbohydrates for energy. Instead of breakfast and coffee, just drink enough coffee instead of having breakfast for a week.You will not feel hungry for hours. But if you are hungry, add a little protein powder to the butter. If you want your beverage to be sweeter, use xylitol (natural sweetener without sugar). Cinnamon is also an herbal alternative to sugar.


    Cow’s milk butter (Source: Internet)


  2. Add MCT oil to butter coffee: MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil, odorless, tasteless but has a very effective weight loss uses. Because of its dense nature, you need only a very small amount of MCT oil to have a weight loss effect equal to 6-18 times more coconut oil (meaning you have to refill coconut oil for a long time weight loss is only 1 teaspoon of MCT oil for a day. However, because of the dense nature of this MCT oil, you may find abdominal discomfort. Get acquainted by just adding 1 teaspoon of MCT oil to your coffee. You can also add MCT oil to the salad or salad.


    MCT oil (Source: Internet)


  3. When you start to feel hungry, eat clean food: Do not eat fast food, eat plenty of vegetables, eggs, nuts. You can eat fat from coconuts, avocados, olives and herbivores. Replace sugar with these fats to keep you satiated longer, readability mind. Of course your body still needs carbohydrates, so provide your body with fresh fruits and powdered vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, squash, beans, sweet corn…) instead of bread, processed food or confectioner.

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    Thực phẩm sạch (Nguồn: Internet)


  4. Drink butter coffee before exercising if you want more muscle, or drink after exercise if you want to lose weight. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then the purpose is to choose the right time to drink butter coffee

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